Applications of use

  • ¬†Full excavation of asphalt roads in both 1M & 2M runs
  • Milling of kerbs lines and tie ins on asphalt surfaces
  • Ability to Maintain subgrade road base
  • Full depth pavement removal where required
  • Excavation of concrete & sandstone surfaces
  • New Fine Milling drum to leave the surface perfectly trafficable due to double the amount of Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.)

1M Profilers

New model Bomag BM1000/35 front loading tracked machines

  • 350 Horse Power Mercedes Engines with Reduced noise output
  • 1000mm x 330 milling depth in each pass
  • Fully flexible cutting system that can perform with the highest levels of accuracy

2M Profilers

New model 2M Caterpillar PM620

  • 630 Horse Power Caterpillar engines
  • 2000mm x 330mm each pass
  • Reduced noise output
  • High output of traction effort due to an advanced twin drive system
  • Uses multi-point leveling control to average out depth over 12m span, allowing accuracy to the millimeter tolerance and ability to maintain a trafficable surface
  • 3D cutting with sonic averaging system technology
  • Consequently allowing the overlaid asphalt to have a lower roughness count and more durable pavement, resulting in reduced dynamic deterioration overall

Skid Steer

Case 450 skid steer

  • All jobsite requirements
  • Bucket Attachment
  • Broom Attachment
  • Profiling Attachment
  • Shoulder Paver Attachment

Shoulder Master SM1500

  • Skid steer mounted and can remote controlled can be operated safely in all traffic conditions
  • Compatible with all major brands of skid steers incl; Bobcat, Cat, Case, Terex, JCB, John Deer
  • Variable spreader blade from 200 to 1500mm
  • Horizontal adjustment range which allows for pavement widening from 300mm to 1500mm which can be adjusted on the move, while the Screed height -100 to +50mm
  • Strong perpendicular screed plate for asphaltic concrete or granular material placement
  • Hydraulically operated slope and grade control adjustments – continuous in one operation
  • Large hopper holds two tonne of construction material
  • Continuous feed from tipping truck
  • Hydraulic tilt function for materials from 0.5% to +/- 5%
  • Remote control function to minimise risk of harm to the worker on foot
  • Material delivered to the road shoulder at a rate of over 100m p/hr
  • Widening of roads from 0.5m up to 1.5m in one pass
  • Depth control of between 25mm to 150mm